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Need more options and customizable features other then that I’m really liking it a lot!


Can’t upload my photos

ZOHO mail app

I would give a 5 if I had a choose about zoho collecting my info in my email. It can be sent with my email address attached or with out my email address. I any case they are going to collect it weather I want them to or not.


It really helps me when I need!

Crashes on iOS 12

Always crashes on iOS 12 when going to account selection to view inbox on a specific account.


Liked the app until Zoho servers crashed the whole fay on 9/24/18. Just so happens it was a day that O was supposed to be exchanging documents with my legal team via email. That didnt happen. A real inconvenience. Yahoo email has never been down for an entire day.


Excellent app

Not working!

Used to work for me and it just all the sudden the servers busy and I can’t run my business email. Very disappointed!

Solid and easy to use.

Does what it says it will do easily and simply.

Zoho Mail Down

I have been with this application/site for a while. Receiving 400 bad request error and this unreliability is costing my company money by the minute!!!!

App stopped working

Can't contact the zoho help team. The link to the help team is not working as well


Just migrated to a new phone and now every time I try to open the app it just says 400 bad request. I’ve deleted and reloaded a couple of times. What’s going on?

Server is down

Affecting my business operations.

App is unreliable

When I need to use my Zoho app the most the app doesn't work or crashes. It's ”timed out” or no network connection.. It's disappointing especially with the amount I'm spending monthly. I never had this problem with similar products.

Love Zoho Everything!

I use almost every Zoho app and love them all!!!


An amazing resource. Easy to set up, easy to use and the price point is more than reasonable. It even offers basic features that others like Google charge out the wazoo for, and they’re absolutely free. Do try it, you won’t be disappointed.

Crashes and notification badge won’t go away

Used to work. Recent updates causing app to crash. Also, I don’t have any unread emails or notifications and the badge app icon is on all the time. I can’t get it to go away. Completely annoying and distracting - I constantly think I have 3 unread emails and I do not.

Update needs attention

The update was supposed to fix crashes which I never had, but after updating, now I do

Emails not marked read

Why does it no longer mark emails as read after they have been opened? This makes it harder to got though emails.


Other than GoDaddy mail, there is literally no email platform worse than Zoho. The app is awful and so is the desktop site. The recent update is nonsensical too. If all our emails weren’t already Zoho, I would never use it. Avoid like the plague!!

Not very user friendly

This app is not very user friendly. I regret changing over to it for some of my needs. Like how do I set up folders to file emails in? I tried something and ended up removing an email receipt, don’t know what happened to it. A lot of emails which are not spam go into the spam folder. Others go into a folder called notifications, still others go into one called newsletter, a real pain to check all these folders and hardly none go to the “inbox” folder. There’s no way to move emails around, either only delete them.

Love the email; app not working

I love the email service, but the app will not let me log in. It keeps saying to enter a valid email address, though I am entering my Zoho address. Wish I could easily access my email on my phone

My New GOTO App

Works like a dream!!

Not easy to navigate

This will be a learning challenge

Love it

I love this email app way better than google and the rest

Great company with great products

Switch from Microsoft and I’m very happy!

Larry Talley Premises Security Expert

Outstanding app for receiving emails from your website!

Ok app with consistent same errors

My company has a paid Zoho service with lots of users. The web service is great but this app has consistent problems for the past year I use it. The most pressing issue is I often see a subject heading for an email but when I click inside to view he full email it is for a different email with a different subject. It’s very odd and consistently causes great aggravation. Hats why I give it 2 stars.

Easy setup

This app and service has been amazing. Really easy step by step setup and you’ll have a professional email in no time.

Spam filters need help

I move tons of spam mail to spam and it keeps on coming repeatedly. The issue has improved dramatically with your recent upgrade. Much much better.

Finally found my new start of email

Anyone wanna hit the restart button on the email life everyone in the world having your email address. Here you go!!!!

Receiving Emails Late

Usually this app works wonders but lately, it’s been receiving emails a lot later than when they come in on my computer. And it’s only between the hours of 9-5, which is REALLY annoying because I use this as my work email...

Good one

Good interface


I really love the black modern color theme! Must have if you use Zoho mail together with other Zoho apps, or if you want access to nifty features that go beyond email standards (eg office “groups”)



Love it



Zoho mail is the best email and more I have ever used! I have recommended this email program to so many friends and others. The ones that have used this usually thank me for telling them about it. They love it ! I have to make myself check my other email like Outlook and Gmail. Thank-You

Best and most convenient!

I love Zoho! Have used it for years and recommend it to clients! Best thing is you start off free! Great for startups and entrepreneurs!

Major bug

Right now when typing / composing an email from a draft on an iphone 7 the screen in the app moves / shakes every time a word is completed. Skip this buggy update if you can!

Awesome Email

So diverse and helpful for collaboration and ease of use. 🙏🏼✌🏼🌎🇺🇸🤠🐴

Great App

Love it.

I totally dig Zoho Mail

It’s well thought out and organized. The other email apps better take notice. :)

I LOVE Zoho mail! If I were a law firm administrator, I would have this suite of apps in our firm

Hello! :-) As I said in the “RE:” line, I LOVE Zoho mail! Were I a law firm administrator, I would have this suite of applications implemented in our firm. They have great support! ~Antonio Dominion

Say goodbye to Gmail and yahoo spam/junk ads

Best email service ever. I have yahoo and google there’s so much spam/junk ads from things I am not even remotely familiar or interested in. It’s mostly gmail. I spend more time unsubscribing to things i have no clue about than getting an actual email I care to or need to see. Not anymore with Zoho it’s only things I have given permission or my email to. Zoho’s my go to email service the rest are basically linking Facebook accounts etc.. my google has over 8,000 emails from the last 2-3 months. I’m rambling but zoho will keep u safe from all sorts of unwanted crap!

Zoho is the way to go!

I’ve been using this email app for several weeks and I like it far better than every other option out there. Stable, VERY user friendly at all times.

Mail is delayed for hours sometimes

Also, too much spam.


Used it one day and got blocked for sending about 10 photos to my iPad. Went to site to get unblocked. Says I’m unblocked. But I’m not. Keeps sending me back to page to get unblocked. Contacted support twice. No response. Mail goes out but doesn’t come in.

Attachment problem

Hi, There’s a problem with replying emails When I want to reply email and add more contacts (reply to all) the attachment will disappeared. And I have to attach the attachments manually.


Contacting Zoho for help is nearly impossible or takes them forever to respond. I can’t link my accounts together so I can easily move between them, and calendar tab is always glitching and I can’t access my appointments when I open the calendar on my mobile app.

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