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The Best E-mail Provider Ever!!!!

Hope This Email Provider Is Best Free Email Provider

Love the app but needs badge notification

The app is slick and fast and I really enjoy using it. The only downside is the lack of badge notification. Aparently this is coming.

Great App

This is a great app! I would just like some more notification options to be available but either than that, its an app that Ill never regret using.


This is a great app. Its simple and easy to use with great functionality. Its annoying to read the one star reviews because of notifications - pfft. Bit harsh. Relax - Im sure Zoho have always been aware of this and would have added it if they could! FFS - it takes seconds to check it.

Needs iPad support

This app is already great, but it could be better. The problem is that many people use iPads too, and not just iPhones for productivity. I personally use my iPad for all my productivity needs and not having a native iPad app is very cumbersome to use. The keyboard is hard and awkward to use and honestly, isnt pleasant to the eyes. I love this app already, but it just needs official iPad support.

Emails not deleting

Emails are not deleting from spam nor trash. I tell it to empty and it keeps refilling them after I say to empty.


Best free mail ever!!!

Good app

4 star app. Give me notifications on my Apple Watch (like other zoho products) and youll get 5 stars. Please!

No notifications or badge

This is 2016. Notifications and badges are the easiest features to implement in apps. Its a like a few lines of code. Lazy lazy.

Its a good start ...

Good solid app but loses stars due to: Cant turn off preview (or preview more) during notifications. Cant affect preview (on or off) in folder views. Cant mark as read or unread from the main folder screen. Have to do this from the individual email.

Very good app

Excelent app that perfectly complements the service. Just need to implement the ability to add multiple accounts to the same app

Only 1 email address??

Seriously?? I had Outlook for iPhone, but switched from bluehost to Zoho for managing our company email, and Zoho wont work with Outlook for iPhone. So I downloaded the Zoho app, thinking Id just switch to Zoho for managing all my email. But I cant manage more than one email address?? Sheesh.

Error Downloading

Why error called " zoho mail email , calendar, contacts,reminder and files on the move could not be downloaded at this time " occurred when I tried to download zoho app on my iPhone 6 ???

Notification disappears immediately

Overall pretty good. The biggest problem I have is the notification about new emails, which disappears before I have a chance to look at it.

Not as good as adding the web page to the phone

It worked better on the iPhone by adding zoho email to the home screen as a webpage. With the app, when you turn the phone on its side to make the page wider, the app doesnt respond.

Great app

This is a great mail app. It was easy for me to send an email out. I also enjoy the layout of the app. The only problem I had with the app is that when I got an email. There was no badge App icon to let me know that I had one unread email. Please fix this.

Decent but Lacking

The email client is okay, but lacking in features and sometimes response time. The most horrible part Ive had experience to date is calendaring, what a nightmare. Im currently working in one timezone, the account was created with PST. When I create calendar appointments, Im using the current time in my timezone. When I save the app, it readjusts the time to PST? What the hell, there isnt even a mention of timezone when scheduling. If I modify the time on the event again, it works. Horrible, must be using server side for creating appointments, put the timezone in the add event form/screen...

Good app, but needs update ASAP

Like the features and color templates, however, it does not completely sync with the actual account from the server, unfortunately the picture from the account does not upload on either the app nor the email messages. Please update ASAP and Ill give you all 5⭐️s

Bug !

No push notifications ! Even is on on the settings no push notifications ! But it´s a real good application


Tha app doesnt work correctly with ios9! Dont sent mail with attachment and duplicate the mail send without!!! This is a chaotic way to do something simple like send an pdf...

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